Create live polls

on Facebook easily

No need to create a web page, download

external software or leave your computer on

Customize your polls

A simple editor at your disposal.

Just a few steps: choose your images, title, background color and you're done!

Manage your live stream duration

Choose how many minutes you want your poll to last on Facebook

and our service will do the magic for you

Publish directs in 2 easy steps

Directfy is simple!

  • Customize

    Add your images,

    background and logo

    of your company

  • Stream Key

    Add the key that

    Facebook gives you

    to start the stream

  • Online

    You just created a

    custom direct and

    you are live on Facebook!

Directfy for Social Media Managers

Manage the directs of your customers in a simple way, it's the best way

to manage more customers at the same time

  • Easy

    Create your direct


    and go live!

  • Manage users

    Manage all the

    directs of your customers

    in a simple way

  • Boost

    Increase the engagement

    of customers pages

    with live polls!

Clients that use Directfy

Earn more time through affiliations

Become an affiliate, for every person you invite

you earn 15% of the minutes he/she buys.